Our Electrical Services

At Encore Electrical, we strive for the best service. Our expertise covers industrial, commercial, rural and residential electrical contracting.

A summary of our services is listed below.

Industrial Work:

  • Total new build turnkey installation
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Fault finding
  • Creating cost-effective maintenance plans
  • Breakdown service 24/7 to suit your business
  • Thermal imaging assessments
  • Electrical safety auditing of existing installation
  • Electrical Safety Installation
  • VSD installation and motor control
  • PLC integration
  • Design and build control panels

Commercial Work:

  • Total new installation packages.
  • Lighting upgrades.
  • Maintenance of any existing installation.
  • Creating cost-effective maintenance plans.
  • Thermal imaging assessments.
  • Electrical safety auditing of existing installation.
  • Safety system Installation.
  • 24/7 breakdown or urgent service.
  • Auditing and planning for cost saving in existing installation.
  • Upgrades to existing installation – equipment replacement and
    servicing of current equipment.

Rural Work:

  • New cowshed/irrigation system installation.
  • Existing plant repairs.
  • Breakdown service 24/7 to suit your business.
  • Thermal imaging assessments.
  • Fault finding.
  • Lighting upgrades.
  • Electrical Control Systems.

Residential work :

  • New build wiring – electrical, data and security.
  • Led lighting upgrades.
  • General repairs.
  • Electrical safety auditing of home/rental property.
  • Hot water electrical repairs.
  • Spa and pool electrical installs.
  • Home office test and tag.